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Hello Welcome to the fine chocolate section of F&M Chocolates.

A section where you can learn to identify a fine chocolate either to eat at any time or to use in a special preparation. In addition you can also find our range of fine chocolates to buy online

Fine Chocolates, what they are and how to differentiate them.

They are made with special cocoa

contain a high percentage of cocoa

Sensory analysis.

They do not contain artificial additives.


Fine chocolate is characterized by the use of special cocoa, with beans of the best quality that are produced and acquired in much smaller quantities and are called fine and aroma, as in the case of Colombian cocoa.

It corresponds to our line of semi-sweet and dark chocolates, with a high percentage of pure cocoa and less sugar, in which you can find tablets and coatings with different percentages of cocoa. Here the sensory analysis is the main mechanism to determine the grains to be used in its production, since the environmental conditions and the decisions related to the harvest, post-harvest and the transformation technique that we use, directly affect the flavors, that is why fine cocoa They do not contain additives or artificial flavors.

Now you know about the world behind a "Fine Chocolate", remember that you can find the customized option for your business or personal consumption.
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