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F&M CHOCOLATES SAS will start vaccination for its collaborators

F&M CHOCOLATES SAS will begin to vaccinate its collaborators within the strategy Companies for vaccination that ANDI has coordinated and to which our company has joined as a sign of its commitment to collaborators and to the country.

Starting in July, the human team of our organization will begin the immunization process through the CAFAM Family Compensation fund.

F&M CHOCOLATES SAS is one of the 5,000 companies in the country that joined this program, thus contributing to reducing the number of infections and deaths.

It is done within the framework of the "Companies for Vaccination" strategy, the first corporate mass vaccination program in the world.

This is an initiative with which the Colombian business sector joins in solidarity to protect workers and their families, strengthen the National Vaccination Plan and contribute to the country's public health.

Mardie Millán Guzman , Human Resources Manager

This is the most important solidarity action on the part of the companies at a time when the country most requires it. Self-care and vaccination are, without a doubt, the main tools to promote the reactivation of spirit, health and productivity in Colombia Bruce MacMaster, ANDI President

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